StoryTime Workshop

We come to collect and with our hearts, stories and cameras; to enliven and influence each other.  I suppose this is a photography workshop, but please don't be deceived or disappointed.   This is more about listening for, caring about and wanting the story.  We watch moving pictures, read out loud, hear music, be together, be alone and take photographs.   Like the children who gather around grandpa's big chair, waiting for a tale, we will listen for the story.  We'll have a photoshoot every single day - with different people to work with and learn about.  This is no "Follow me around, see how I posed her arm, I'm on f-stop 2.5" shoot.  This is a "Study your subject, and figure out a way to tell everyone else what you learned about her with your camera."  The stories are everywhere.  Every portrait shoot.  Every wedding.  Every household.  Every shop.  Every person.  They're there.  Are you looking?  We learn how to look better, while being paid to work, at this workshop. Right off the bat, my goal is for the StoryTime WorkShop to be more of a retreat, a vision re-setter, a time to be thrown into someone else's story, a getaway where you live excited not overwhelmed. 


"Thank you so much for the rich and restful, beautiful and fun, deep and heartfelt and just all around wonderful time that was The Storytime Workshop. I grew to  love you each SO much. I have renewed vision and motivation not just for business, but for my whole life as woman. (Also, thank you for the delicious food. We enjoyed the yummy breakfasts, dinners, desserts, and snacks, greatly.) I wish I could come again next week. This time away was exactly what my soul needed." Hannah Nicole