Middle US Part 1 | Trip to Minneapolis

So, funny story. In this two-month-trip of 20 total flights, 16 days of rental cars, 12 Megabus tickets, nine nights in hotels, seven weddings, five sessions, and 14 cities, I missed a few logistics. And for me, only missing a few is pretty great. And having one of the main mishaps involve a best friend... well, it makes it easy. 48 hours before we were set to fly into Minneapolis Lyd texted and said "I'm so excited to see you guys! Where are you staying?" Oh no. I thought for sure I had touched base beyond a casual conversation six months ago saying I booked a wedding in Minne. But. Nope. Never did.

"Uh, at your house hopefully!" Lyd was a gem and classic best friend. Jumped into action and gave us such a welcoming, easy two nights in her world (complete with goldfish crackers for Roo in the kitchen and other treats for us, enormous fresh flowers, a fun itinerary, and being a mama-hen by tucking us into bed and charging our phones when we crashed the last night. She even set her alarm and woke us up on time so we wouldn't miss our flights. Best friends, I tell ya.) Though, to be fair, I gave her much more notice than the first visit: we just showed up in Minneapolis (Stefan knew) and surprised her at her front door! That was fun. Both trips were. Thank you for being the kind of buddy who knows me, gets me, "compliments me," teases me, and loves me ;) And for welcoming my brood and I at the drop of a hat. We love you so! And we can't wait to come back again! #twoweeksnotice 

im_kristen_minneapolis_photography (7 of 38).jpg

Each meal, sight, memory, and hour was wonderful. We'll be back Minneapolis! You rock! And take good care of our Lyd and Stefan <3