lauren's getting married! less than 24 hours!!!

john michael montgomery -- i can love you like that
"they read you Cinderella
you hoped it would come true
that one day your prince charming
would come rescue you":"you like romantic movies
you never will forget
the way you felt when
Romeo kissed Juliet":

"all this time that you've been waiting
you don't have to wait no more":
"i can love you like that
i would make you my world
move heaven and earth
if you were my girl":"i will give you my heart
be all that you need
show you that you're everything
that's precious to me":

"if you give me a chance
i can love you like that":
"you want tenderness
i've got tenderness
and i see through
to the heart of you:"
"if you want a man
who understands
you don't have to look
very far":
"i can love you
I Can
i can love you like that"

congratulations guys!!!