happy 100th post!

Yep. This is the 100th one. Clap for it, please. woop, woop

So, what is life if you don't do crazy things every once in a while? Spontaneity and daringness (yes, that is really a word) are vital parts of life.

Does having your 13-year-old-sister (who has never cut hair. ever.) chop off a good 7-inches of your hair at 11:00ish at night count as being adventerous? I did cross of an item from my dream list, so, that is special. Let's recount the evening

My Big Hair Cut
a tale told in black and white photographs

hmmm.... this is annoying.what can i do about it? ah ha.
a female's worst nightmare. hair scissors. gulp.

oh snap. that is a lot more than i thought i was cutting off.it's different. i think i like it.

i won't ever do it again, but i like it right now.lydia cut her hair, too. we wanted to surprise courtney (because it takes courtney 47 days to actually decide she wants a haircut and we decided in about 20 seconds, tops.)we snuck into her room and she was *surprise* doing school. not known for her observant eye, it took her a minute to realize our hair was shorter.what are you talking about? we are definitely NOT posing for the picture...

yay! that was fun.