post four

::A Job::

Wintertime is always a little slow for photographers, but I had an incredibly fun job for a real-estate company! I got to spend 5ish hours with Lauren (her engagement, rehearsal and wedding pics are all in the archives). She is the biggest ditz. I am not even kidding. I laughed so hard I almost choked.
Look - here she is pushing a Safeway cart down a neighborhood road:

Basically, my job was to photograph the area of Fallsgrove and this is what I came up with: Isn't this funny? I might have it framed and hung in my home. I love it! It totally caught me off-guard and Lauren and I spent a good few moments enjoying the absurdity of it (Like, why do you need a sign? Would the person walking not figure it out? Can you walk on the part of the sidewalk that isn't closed, or is the whole thing actually closed?)
And, this is solely for Lydia, because I couldn't describe it to her over the phone. If this doesn't sum us up in the morning, nothing does.