post seven (i did it!)

:: The Magic Kingdom ::
so, this is love, hm. hmmemmmm. and i can fly...
the best song from "cinderella"

"Don't you remember a fizz in a pepper?
Sitting 'round the table

Don't happen much anymore":

"We got too complicated
It's all way over rated
I like the old and out-dated way of life":
"Back when a hoe was a hoe
Coke was a coke...
I miss back when..."

When I was little I listened to the same cassette tape every night before bed. The first song was called "Tomorrow We'll Go to the Fair" and when I'm in Disneyland, that song is like my mental soundtrack for the day.

"The sooner you sleep, the sooner you'll wake":"The night will go faster, as quick as a blink":
"Morning will break, soon we'll be there":"Tomorrow we'll go to the fair":
"We'll ride painted horses":
"With wind in our hair":
"We'll always remember the laughter we shared":
"The merry-go-round will go up and down":"We'll raise our voices and sing merrily":"We'll laugh at the clowns":"We won't have a care":"Tomorrow we'll go to the fair":
As excellently fun as this day was, I discovered something very sad the next day. I called Lydia to ask about soccer try-outs (it was funny - I was tanning on a lounge chair next to my aunt's swimming pool with a glass of lemonade and a book, while Lydia and the rest of my team were getting ready for the second day of try-outs). So, we talk about soccer then Lydia goes "Kristen!!! Becker was at Disneyland!!! Did you see him? He did engagement pictures in Disneyland!!!" I ran inside, got on the computer and looked at his blog. I wanted to cry. Let me explain why.

There are a whole group of wedding photographers who are just unbelievable and I check their blogs, draw inspiration, drool, etc. Some of these include Sarah Barlow (, Jessica Claire (, David Jay (, The Boutwell's ( and Becker (the

The Boutwell's are huge Disney fans and had recently been there. While I was in Disney I specifically rememeber thinking "I wonder if any of them will be here."

Okay, later on that day, while I was saving seats for the parade, I see this very attractive, very nicely dressed couple walking down Main Street and I thought (I am not making this up) "They look like people Becker would photograph." Well, lo and behold. They were. Becker was there the same day as me and I missed him. I even saw the people he was doing, but I missed him. I went on the very same rides, the very same day, but I missed him!
(pictures taken by Chris Becker of - i'm making sure i'm not being illegal)That's why I wanted to cry.