My dad has a wonderful gift of writing, especially poems. I was going through piles of his poems the other day and this one just made me laugh so hard! So, I am sharing it with the world as a small tribute to my newfound love of big cities - Chicago and New York!

Voices Fade Away
Alan Snyder
Large clouds roll up in the sky
And then crash down upon me. I grab onto old memories to brace myself, But they pull me through waves of endless space. I look out beyond this dream And see faces, People watching me and calling to me. But the clouds cover them, too, Though I still hear them calling. As the voices begin to fade away I'm lonely, And I can't help but sit and wonder If I'm trying too hard to write this poem

And - I have a sad little story. I mistakenly shot all of the Chicago photoshoot in RAW without a small JPEG, so has taken me a bit longer to get these up because I have to convert them all. Sad, right?