One more time....

Joe and Kristen are the first couple that make me feel old (and, I'm 18, so thats weird). Joe was in some of my classes in highschool. My age group can't be getting married yet! How does this happen so fast? His fiance, Kristen, is the sister of one of my good-friends.
Joe and Kristen looked like they were on the set of a movie during their shoot. It was almost too perfect how happy they were! Of course, there was no acting at at all - they are just genuinely and completely in love."She's so kissable, huggable,
Lovable, unbelievable"
"She ain't typical,
She's unpredictable,
She's available, its a miracle!"
"How my heart stumbled into someone
So kissable, huggable, lovable, unbelievable"
"Up till now my life has been so lonely and boring" "I never thought I would find someone so
Elegant, intelligent, heaven sent, all my money spent""I put a big down payment on that itty bitty diamond ring""Shes so beautiful, its indisputable,
It's undeniable, shes got-to-havable"
"She's music to my ears, and makes my heart sing""So kissable, huggable, lovable, unbelievable"
"There's so many things
I want to tell her
Like, I love her
But every time I talk
I start to stutter"
{While I was waiting for Joe and Kristen, I found this adorable little vintage shop nestled in the city. I went in and had this insane adrenaline rush. "" The place was awesome, and I decided that Joe and Kristen just HAD to play dress-up during the shoot :)
And being the fun people that they are, they dove right in and were great!}Aaaand, this just made me smile:
I am so happy for you two and I can't wait for your wedding!