Part One

Warning: This is a stinkin' huge blog post. Be aware :)

Since the wedding in Santa Barbara with David Jay, Jessica Claire and Josh Newton was so wonderful, I am going to do two posts - broken into sections.
I am going to write thoughts, memories and, oh, I don't know, something amazing, in between the pictures ;) Enjoy!

This girl is a girl after my own heart. Three cheers for Jimmy Choo!Gots to loooove those lovely lashesBrittany had a stunning Monique Lluhlier gown - it fit her flawlessly!
Oh, it was too cute, the little flower girl had a bunny wearing a dress that matched her own. It was sooo adorable!Prep:

Brittany is one of those girls who on a scale of 1-10 is an 11 in the beauty department. And, my goodness, good looks run in her family! Her mom is stunning, as well.As well as her sister, and, eh, her dad's not too bad ;)See what I mean????"It's her hair and her eyes today
That just simply take me away" Time to get that Monique on!"Bats her eyes as she plays,
with me sitting there slack-jawed and nothing to say" I loved how excited her friends were for her . They all have such a wonderful relationship.
And there she is, in all her radiance. She had the biggest "bridal glow" in the world. I really couldn't stop staring at her (good thing I had a camera to hide behind, or else that would have been a little weird)"Cause I love her with all that I am
And my voice shakes along with my hands"" Cause she’s all that I see and she’s all that I need
And I'm out of my league once again"

The Ceremony:

I just adore this picture of Rod, waiting for Brittany. You just feel so bad for him! I am like "Oh, Brittany, hurry up! He's waiting for you!"As much as I adore the last picture, I adore this one even more. Rod's dad is a pastor and married them. I love what this picture communicates between them.After the long wait, here she comes. Brittany and her dad were laughing and smiling the whole way down the aisle. It was way precious."It's a masterful melody when she calls out my name to me
as the world spins around her she laughs, rolls her eyes"
"And I feel like I'm falling but it's no surprise
Cause I love her with all that I am"

The New Couple:

Ecclesiastes 9:9

"Cause I love her with all that I am"

It's so um, miraculous, really how God brought Rod from to Australia and Brittany from California together, while serving in a Third World country. They have an amazing love story, and amazing love and an amazing God.

Post 2: coming up!