Kristen and Joe!

My wedding season officially started yesterday! I had the privelage to shoot Kristen and Joe's wedding :)

Kristen was such a happy bride!Ok, soooo, this moment was one of the most amazing I have ever witnessed. Kristen was getting her final touches done and all the girls were running around trying to finish themselves. Kristen quietly said "Uuuh. I just can't wait to see him." We were all like "Aw, thats so cute." And then she said "Maybe I could just hear his voice?" So, Joe's little sister ran to get Joe and told him to stand outside of the door and say "Hi" to Kristen.

"Hey Kristen..."And that is the face she made! She started to cry and answered back "Hiii! I love you. I love you so much"
Joe said "Oh honey, I love you too"
"Guess what?"
"I get to marry you!"
"Heh, well, I get to marry you!!!"
"I love you."
"I love you."

They ended their little talk, and I looked around and all of the girls who were listening had glazed-over eyes, and were holding their hearts "aww-ing" at them. I looked over at Lydia, hoping she was crying, too, cause I totally was.

I love this picture of Kristen and her dad right before they walked down the aisle. That is such a "proud dad" face! Too cute!
Oh how she loves him :)
And their first kiss ever!
And everyone's reaction:

Kristen and Joe surprised their bridal party (which was only their siblings) with a stretch Excursion limo to take to the reception. They were all SO excited!!!Everyone was dancing and laughing and singing to the songs on the radioThen, "Realize" came on and Joe's brother said "Hey guys! This song is about two best friends who fell in love - just like you two!" Joe and Kristen agreed and then spent the rest of the ride like this... pretty lost in conversation :)

"If you just realize"
"What I just realized""That we'd be perfect for each other
And we'll never find another""Just realize""What I just realized""We'd never have to wonder""If we missed out on each other, now"

So, this was pretty funny. I was taking their pictures and someone came out and said "Hey, you should get a nice ring shot!" Kristen was all "Yeah, good idea! Let's do it!" Then she looked at Joe's hand and his ring was gone hahaha I guess one of his friends tricked him into giving it to him and Joe was a little, uh, distracted :)Kristen was good, though, and thought it was pretty funny. And, happily, the friend gave the ring back :)
Their reception was a WHOLE lot of fun! The dance floor was packed and everyone had a greeeat time!You might recognize these lovely couple - I did their wedding almost a year. They are doing quite well :)

Congratulations Kristen and Joe!!!