I love when people are in love.

"I just want to be there
When the morning light explodes
On your face it radiates
I can't escape
I love you till the end"

This is my first post from my trip to Mexico. I am gonna go a little out of order, but I have a good reason for it :)

Ok, Adam & Pami. Ok.

The reason I was in Mexico was for a surprise 25th anniversary party. I needed to basically hide in Juarez for a day, so that the surprise would not be ruined. Pami graciously offered to host/hide me for the whole day.
I fell in love with Pami instantly. She is everything these pictures make her look like. She is just happy, kind, warm and insanely beautiful. We talked and hung-out pretty much all day long on Friday. In typical girl fashion, I asked her about her boyfriend, Adam (a guy from my church back in MD). How were things going? When did you two start going out? When did you start liking him? Do you think you'll get married? How are you handling the long-distance? It wasn't quite that police-y, and it was adorable listening to Pami talk about Adam. And also encouraging to hear her talk about trusting, loving and obeying God through this process. Because, things were going well - very well in her opinion. But, she was really working on being patient, because she knew that Adam (who was coming to Juarez the next day) wasn't going to propose yet.
Ha. False.On top of the Plaza Theater, in El Paso, at sunset, Adam asked Pami to be his wife. {aaaaaaaawwww!!!}Pami's parents had arranged that I be there afterwards to take some pictures of the newly-engaged love birdsCould she be any happier? Like, really, look at her smile! It makes me get butterflies in my stomach!"I just want to tell you nothing
You don't want to hear"
"All I want is for you to say
'Why don't you just take me"
Where I've never been before?'"
"I know you want to hear me
Catch my breath"
"I love you till the end"

Sooo, because Pami's parents are wonderful, the planned another shoot the following morning. We met before church at an amazing house - you will get to see more of it in other posts :)
The good news: Their smiles haven't changed one bit
The bad news: There is no bad news
I told them to make a "little kid" face. I guess Adam was one of those awkward kids.Not really sure what that it is. But, they're engaged... they can jump however they want! haha
"I just want to be there
When we're caught in the rain"
"I just want to see you laugh, not cry""I just want to feel you
When the night puts on its cloak"
"I'm lost for words"
Don't tell me"
"All I can say""I love you till the end"
Adam & Pami, I hope you enjoy every.single.second together! You two are obviously madly in love - what a gift!!! I am so excited for you guys!!!!