The Little Fighter

I was in Santa Barbara, just waking up this past February. My friend Natalie got a call from Jen, our youth pastor's wife and friend. Natalie got off the phone, obviously serious. "Sarah has cancer." Little Sarah had been having trouble walking and after a myriad of tests, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

News like that is terribly sad, difficult and could be devastating. But, I have watched Sarah's parents absolutely cling to God in this time of need. They have such hope - not in doctors, or medicine, or healing - but in their Savior, who has knit Sarah's body together and given her life! Jen posted about "how they are doing" on her blog. It is just so encouraging to read!

I don't know all the medical terms and whatnot, but I do know that Sarah's surgery went well and so are her treatments. As far as I know tumor is gone, and she is still on semi-long-term treatments to help have a full recovery as well as not allow the tumor to grow back!

Even though a her coordination isn't very good, she is doing SO much better than a few months ago! She really could only lay down and try to focus her eyes... last night she was talking, laughing, playing and walking up a storm!

I love how all the other kids adore Sarah. They are very gentle and helpful with her :D

Alathea is the oldest - and reminds me a lot of me :) haha

Mikaela is next and she is very mature for her age!

Caleb is the funniest in the family. Practically everything he says makes me laugh!

Hello little toes :D

I let the kids each take three pictures with my camera, and there were some I actually REALLY liked!
Alathea took this one:

Mikaela shot this:

And Caleb took this!

Oh, and another of Mikaela's I liked:

I also let the girls take a few more when we had our "spa treatments" before bed ;D

And they are out! Gooood night :D

Oh, and here is a little video of Sarah playing - she LOVES to see herself on video. It's pretty cuteee :)