Danna and Sam!

"i'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend"

Sometimes shoots just happen perfectly. Sometimes they are a little more difficult and you have to really, really work hard to get good results.

Danna and Sam's five-year-anniversary shoot was a perfect one. It was SO easy, and SO fun. The light was amazing, they looked amazing and everything just worked out so well :D

If you look back at Joe and Beth's wedding from June, you will see a picture of Sam on a video message from Iraq during the reception. He is home for a quick break, and in a few days he heads back to serve our country in Iraq. I am so glad that you two were able to see each other, and also so grateful for how you serve, Sam!

Danna is a good friend of our family - she actually was my boss last summer, and my dad is her boss. They work at a federal proposal company and, oh.my.gosh. let me tell you, nothing made me want to do photography more then working a "business job." I don't like to say hate, but I hated it.
My co-workers were all awesome - we had a great time together, even pulling "The Office" pranks on one another. But, goodnessgracious, that was not the job for me. Danna was the sweetest, most positive, and nicest boss you could dream of! And I respect her about th---------IIIIIiiiiiIIIII------ssss much for working so hard at that job! Big round of applause for you!!!

They are cute little humans :D

This is very WW2 era to me - I don't know why....

Their kids are going to have THE most beautiful eyes on planet earth. Goood night!

Who doesn't love a good construction site for pictures?

And a few more out in the sun! Yay!

The next two are my favorites from the day: