A Tale

The world we live in is awesome.

I often realize this when I am in an airport (oddly enough.)

But, seriously. Airports are such an interesting place to be! The whole concept of flying and airplanes already boggles my mind. I know airlines mess up all the time, but that we are sending big, metal, vehicles filled with people into the air hundreds and hundreds of times a day - without explosions or crashes or wrong destinations, well, I think that's pretty cool.

Ok, besides marveling at flying, airports are awesome because of the random people you will come across. Think about it. You rarely find a more random mix of people. Everyone there is going somewhere for a reason. Some for business, some for travel, some for fun, some are headed home, some are fleeing home. But everyone has a story of where they are going! It's pretty cool!

While I was waiting for a flight the other day, I started snapping pictures of stuff going on at the airport. So, here is some of my trips a la cellphone pics :D

Alright, this was a bouquet of fresh flowers in the airport bathroom. Couple things crossed my mind, but mostly, why are they here? Is BWI just becoming a homier, better smelling airport? Or did maybe some man get them for his wife, but then found a better bouquet and bought those instead? Hmmm....

Once at my gate, I sat down to read (which is not normal) and after about a chapter or so, I was bored, so I started looking around. There was a newspaper next to me, so being the culturally aware girl that I am, I started flipping through it. And the weather section made me smile :D Ladies and gentleman, it is hot and sunny everywhere in the United States! Woohoo!

Well, then I looked up and saw a man swinging his arms around. I was thinking "Whaaat on earth...?" Watching a second longer, I realized he was practicing his golf swing. Showing off? Just making the best use of his time? I don't know. But it was a little weird.

And then he started doing squats. I didn't know what to think! Like, we are talking middle of gate, right in front of the place where you board... surrounded by people! Doing squats! It was brilliant.

As I was sitting there, thinking about how weird people are, I looked down at my suitcase and I noticed a keychain of President-head flashcards. I don't know how they got there or where they are from, but if you ever need a some info on Lyndon Baines Johnson while traveling with me, I can help you out! (Honestly, I didn't put this on my suitcase... I just looked down and there it was)

This is possibly the worst picture taken this year, but, I loved this little girl. She had a lisp, and pink glasses and was on a trip with her grandma. She was reading the very first Boxcar Children book and it brought back memories of my childhood - I LOVED the Boxcar children :)

Last, but not least, is my favorite airport picture :D When I got off the plane, my ride, Amanda, was waiting for me with a sign. A sign! Guh! It made my day!!! I felt like a delegate or a queen or someone who rides in a limo! I was so excited! hahah
ps. Amanda is an excellent bridesmaid and may or may not be my new bff.

Wedding pictures from Cleveland will be up tomorrow! Woot!