Single Guys

So, being a wedding photographer, I love it when I hear about new couples and eeeeespecially new engagements :D

I do know, however, that guys can get nervous about commitment, serious relationships and even just talking to girls. Or at least that's what I've heard.

So, I found something to help! A new book by 9-year-old Alec Greven, called "How To Talk To Girls." I'm sure if all of you single guys out there read this, weddings will have tripled by next year ;D

If you would like to laugh for about 4 minutes, watch this interview: Border's Interview with Alec Greven. I have a lot of favorite parts, but two in particular.

"I wanted to write this book becaauuuuse boys have a lot of trouble with crushes."


"Like, if she's walking past you, you can say 'Hey! Did you see that episode of ___?' And you can say that. Or if you are brave enough, you can walk up to her and say 'Hi!'"

Happy Friday everyone!