Kurt and Naomi

"Your heart feels it's flying
Your head feels it's spinning
...you just might break through

To ever ever after!"

Today was (er, yesterday... I guess it's pretty late) started really early. But it was the kind of early that you don't mind at all. You can hardly fall asleep at night, waiting for the early morning to come. And when the early morning comes, you pop out of bed like a toasted bagel.
I was so excited to wake up this morning.
Because this morning was Kurt and Naomi's wedding. Finally, finally, finally! And I got to shoot it - with the awesome Peter Bang.

It's still almost surreal that it actually happened. I've wanted to shoot Ni's wedding since I was in highschool, and we have been talking about her bridal pictures for well over a year - "Someday, of course." We would text each idea's for long veil shots, and talk about her princess dress and I would be informed on her tiara/hair changes. And today, she really was the bride. Not someday, today.

She told me she practiced these moves for me :D

Oh, and she looked exquisite. Flawless

Everyone else agreed. I loved this one when the mom's and grandma came in and saw her for the first time :D

The wedding was at our church, and I have shot here maaany times. I was determined to find a new place for the guys pictures. The loading dock in the back parking lot, next to the dumpsters actually turned out kind of cool! Those who laughed - I told you it would work!

Moving right along to the ceremony...
It was beautiful, sweet and so uplifting

Ooo, guitar and lens flare are rarely a bad combination....

Little Kristen Memory: The Sunday I was shooting at my second wedding ever, I ran into Kurt who was taking down equipment after church. He was asking about the wedding and I was saying I was a bit nervous and he told me "Well, the most important picture of the whole wedding is the kiss. Don't blow that and you'll be fine." Kurt, here ya go:

(but, as much as I love this kiss - I love this one of the happy-post-kiss face better)

We were blessed with the perfect January day - no wind, no snow or wet and clear air! It was magical!

LOVE this one:

Also LOVE this one. A whole lot. God is amazing with what He creates. Marriage, friends, sunshine and cool looking trees. It's awesome.

The tree was too good - I had to grab a few more with just Kurt and Naomi:

I think this is my favorite of the day:

A nice "casual, relaxed" formal, as [b]ecker would say.

Aaaw :D :D So very cute :D

Alright, one last silky shot

And now it's time to pppaartay!

But before all the fun, here is a shot I adored from the prayer before the meal

Kurt and Naomi have a lot of friends. A lot of those friends love dancing. It was a really fun reception :D The best dancer out there - bar none - was Grandma Kilmer ;D

A calm moment during their first dance:

I couldn't resist posting these few pictures from a Frank Sinatra song:

The best man speech was hysterical. Great job, Bryan!

Oh, and this? This was too adorable for words. During some fast crazy song, I looked over and saw this :D What joy!

And they are offff! Yay!

Congratulations Kurt and Naomi - I don't think I could possibly be anymore excited for you than I am. It was amazing being part of your day :D

Enjoy the slideshow!