Intern Re-Cap

"Today you are you, that is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is youer than you!"

That Dr. Seuss quote is one of my favorites for my business. It's the whole idea behind personalizing business, branding, target marketing and styling. But sometimes, it's hard to figure out "you." At least the "you" that you want to put on display for your business.

This past week I had three wonderful interns - Jessica from Texas, Julia from Minnesota and Ica from Virginia.
During the internship, we spent a lot of time on the "you" part of their businesses.

Let's start with Julia Mary. After making an inspiration board, looking at other photographers pictures, and assessing her own work, she narrowed her business down to a few words: Bold, editorial, beautiful.

Soooo try to imagine pictures in magazines. But not Real Simple, more like an Elle magazine cover. That is the vibe she is going for :D Please check out her blog: Julia Mary Blog! You all know how wonderful it feels to have support when you are starting ANYthing that's a big deal for you. So show your support!

And what do we think? These headshots capture bold, editorial beauty? Isn't SHE a bold, editorial beauty?
Next up, we have the southern belle, Miss Jessica Shae!

She evaluated, deliberated and decided that her brand would consist of vintage, charming, fairy-tale images. Think Breakfast At Tiffany's becoming bff's with Disney's Cinderella.

Add her southern flair and I think she's irristable :D

Don't you just want to hire her?! Sheesh. Dallas folk, get on it. She's amazing and takes the sweetest little pictures. GO LOOK AT HER BLOG. And then comment! Jessica Shae Blog!

And last, we have Ica.
Ica is a little rockstar. She's got mad style and the loudest laugh. I loove it.

Her brand is something quite whimsical and vintage-ly funky. Think Allie & Noah falling in love during that first summer and The Ting-Tings. Bascially, think awesome.

Ica Images is going to take off - I call it. She is wonderful, her business is wonderful and if you want wonderful pictures, contact her! Here's her blog: Ica Images blog.

On the last day, I had them take some pictures for me -- fooor my new brand. Woohooo!
The idea of it isn't changing, but almost everything else is (like the watermark sported on this blog post and this one too.) The new stuff will still be fun, hysterical and ridiculously adorable.

If you weren't convinced that you need to check out their stuff, I will show you right here! These girls are greaaaat!

They did a great job :D I'm like a proud little mother hen watching her little chicklets :D

ps. Since when are interns stunningly beautiful and amazingly godly? I'm pretty sure I didn't get that memo... My girls are just THE best!