Tony and Tori

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I broke the number one "proffessinal busines person" rule.
I was late to meet with my clients. Aack!

Five minutes late because you hit three red lights, ok, not horrible.
15 minutes late because there was an accident - forgivable.

25 minutes late because you were at the wrong Starbucks? Um. SUPER embarrassing.
But happily, the clients I was meeting with were fabulous in every way.

I pulled up to the correct Starbucks, and I saw them in the window, sipping coffee and smiling the evening away. I almost felt like I was intruding on their date when I walked in!

But Tony and Tori greeted me with huge smiles and big "Oh-don't-worry-about-it's!"
We hit it off right away and I left that first meeting on top of the world.
I love my couples.

A few evenings ago we met again for their engagement shoot. I don't think I will ever tire of shooting couples in love, in the splendor of God's creation. The.night.was.GORG.eous.

Oh. And Tori.was.GORGeous. Sheesh a lou.

And here's the thing. They are just so ridiculously cute. They just so happen to have won the Salisbury Co-Ed Football Championships together - that's a way to meet a woman (adooorb!). Tony is such a strong, big protector and Tori looks so small and precious next him.

He holds her carefully, watches her constantly and makes her laugh so sweetly.

Plus, he was an amazing sport (pun?) with this whole picture-taking thing! Most guys really dread it, but Tony had such a good attitude that I am sure blessed his bride, and also helped me out!

She looOoooves him :D

And some kisseskisseskisssssses to wrap up!

You two were a ball (second athletic pun!) and I loved getting to know you! I can't wait for your wedding!
Enjoy the slideshow :D

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