Chris and Connie - Wedding!

"The sight of you leaves me weak,
There are no words left to speak"
-- lauryn hill

Do you remember my dear, dear art teacher from this post (she has a name. Connie. And her man is Chris. Theeey are awesome)
Anywho. She got married. She had a wedding. And she was the bride.
I think she somehow turned 5 on the morning of the big day, because she was grinning from ear-to-ear and hopping around like a rabbit. It was soooooo cute!

Connie's amazing bridesmaids MADE the boquets on the morning of the wedding. Pfh, take that bridesmaids. Game on! Connie's friends are awesome :D

And since I know Connie loves her bold, strong color - and was flipping out all day about her beautiful red flowers - I will show them off to you all. Stunning much?

This corn is an angel (Any Dan In Real Life fans out there? Yes?)

Oh Connie, you look dazzling. I really don't think you could have possibly looked better. I think you knocked Chris's socks off - poor guy ;D

As a photographer, I tend to fall asleep at night and have "photographer dreams." I go to do a shoot, the couple is amazing, the pictures are perfect and I can't WAIT to put them on my computer. And then it's a dream. It's the worst.
But these pictures are like my dreams. PERfect! I couldn't ask for anything better!

Ooooo gorg :D

You know how I love emotional, teary moments. Siiigh.
Chris wrote Connie a note before the wedding. She just saw the envelope and lost it.
Then I lost it.
I love those little wedding moments - it's what makes my job the best in the world.

Off to get maaaaarried! And become a wiiiife!

Connie made the back-drop for the ceremony. How fabulous is it? I adore it.

More tears (I believe these are unity candle tears :D)

We had a special red-barn custom ordered for the pictures ;D

If it was possible, being with Chris made Connie even more lovely.

And they were so giggly and mushy together. It was WAY fun seeing them like that.

Mmmm. Very nice.

(ps. We even found a red shed for the background! Yay!)

Red reception details - basically perfect in every way!

The reception had some amazing dancing (Chris and Connie have some PARTYanimal friends! Sheesh!) It was a blast :D It started to pour down rain....

... So naturally they went out and danced in the rain :D :D :D They spoil me.

Then God spoiled me with summer post-rain light. It was misty and golden and silky and romantic. Every romantic-comedy-director and set-team are jealous of us right now. But wait.

There was a rainbow!!!!
Doesn't every little girl picture that?
"I want a knight in shining armor aaand a pony aaaand a princess dress aaaand a rainbow!"

Chris and Connie - it was pure JOY to be a part of your day and I loved every second. Congratulations!
Ps. Thanks to Lydia Jane for second-shooting! She's just the best :D
Enjoy the show!