The Little Things

Photography changes the way I see my day-in day-out life. I notice things differently.

I mentally crop and clone-tool things with my eyes, I notice light on my friends faces as we talk, I think about how I am going to word my blog posts.
And thinking that way makes life a touch more "magical" - it's fun to look for the good in the normal, the special in the ordinary.

Back about 17 years ago (joke) when I attended Jasmine Star's workshop, I met up with some photographer pholks (;D) and had a lovely evening on the Balboa pavilion.

Now, if I had gone that night "pre photography" I probably would have complained about how cold it was. I probably would have noticed how most the shops were closed, and how the three that were open were had SUCH long lines. I might have been upset to come all the way to California, only to have it be a rainy muggy day.

But walking around that night with my "photography eyes" I noticed how the water was a really pretty green. How the empty beach was so peaceful. How the colorful signs just popped compared to the soft, dingy sky. How everything was so cute and 1950's. (ps. Pretty sure Jessica Claire got engaged on that ferris wheel...)

How precious this little couple was. I've always wanted to go on dates to the beach, and Maryland's closest beach is about 3 hours away, so it's not likely that will happen.
But I liked that these two got to stroll around together on a date.

WAIT! Did he juuust?!

NO. He. Didn't.

That is stinking awwwesome! I was freaking out I was so excited. And I was all teary and chill-y.
How cute and exciting and random is that?

Our group just so happened to be walking by, and I just so happened to notice this cute couple on a date at the beach. And it made my day.
Yeah, that has to be an amazing feeling :D

Those little moments make me want to pay attention to whats going on around me more often.
Did that change my life? No.
But it changed theirs! And that's so exciting! Plus, it made me smile :D
I wonder how many times I rush through life or complain about my circumstances, and I miss something sweet or exciting.

Now I am off to our church's youth retreat to spend some time with my brother and sister, friends and whipped cream.

See ya!