Pam and Allen

Like I said for their engagement shoot post, I loved Pam and Allen instantly.
I loved how comfortable they made me feel, how down-to-earth they are, how "best friend ish" they are together.

I love that they are highschool sweethearts. And that Allen had a really fab haircut back in the day ;D
But seriously, their wedding was pretty much as wonderful as I pictured it would be.

Pam got ready at her house and I don't think I can count how many times I was offered something to eat and drink. "Take a seat, Kristen! You are working so hard!" "Is this enough light for you?" "Let me get out of your way!" Pam and her family are so other's focused and are just the most pleasant, dear people.

And Pam herself, well, she couldn't have looked more stunning. MY jaw was dropping and all I could think was "Oh, just wait until Allen sees her!"

It was quite a moment when Pam's mom put her veil on. Mom was holding one hand over her heart and the other over her quivering mouth. Pam's sister was staring at her with huge adoring eyes. Everyone else had tears swimming along their eyelids. I had chills. Oh Pam, you were just a magnificent bride.

You really were. And sweet as a lollipop!

Ps. Aren't her flowers to die for?!

I love all the little pops of color! Blue and red and green and light pinks and creams! Oh so lovely.

I just look at this picture and smile. How happy?!

Remember how I couldn't wait for Allen to see her? Mmyeah, he couldn't stop looking at her. Cutest thing of my life.

My favorite part is when they are married. It's done. Vows made, promises committed and they are husband and wife. Loooove it :D

This is one of my new all-time favorite pictures. I love the colors, the lace, the ring on his hand, the simple romance - it's all so wonderful.

Married secrets are probably really good ones. At least they make for pretty pictures, so I like them!

I LOVED their venue. Such a pretty church! I could have shot here all day!

Sadly, it was raining during most of the pictures at the church...

... but, in a very happy turn of events, by the time we made it to the reception, it was perfection!

So we grabbed some more pictures in the hazy, wet summer sun

I tend to think smiles are extra pretty when there is sunshine around. But maybe it's just me...

Sometimes I can be artsy-fartsy if I want to.

And one last breathe-in-deep-sweet-one. Yes please :D

Time for ze party (that was decorated very nicely! I was spellbound by the flowers. LOVED them. Also loved the little Lego cake topper that Allen made :D How cute?)

One of my favorite parts of their reception was when Pam's sister (along with her buddy) gave a toast to Pam and Allen. It was so special and so happy - I know it meant a lot to Pam.

And we'll close with a happy dancing picture. I love how they are surrounded by their friends, yet so "into" each other. Just how it should be :D

You guys were wonderful and I am so excited for you! Congratulations!