Why I do what I do

Everyone (at least who has commented) has been just so sweet to me regarding the "new brand."
I'll be honest, I love it.  I know how I think and how I like things and when my blog opens up and I see it I think "Yes! That's exactly what I like!" 

So, why the re-brand right now?  Lot's of reasons.
So let me tell you one of them.

A reason I re-branded was for all the grooms I have ever shot and will ever shoot.  I wanted the real, emotional, overwhelming wedding day feelings to be noticed more than ever.

It's for each groom who has been frozen, wide-eyed, at the end of the aisle, waiting for his bride.
For each groom who can say "When she walks in the room, I can hardly breathe.  She's got a devastating smile that knocks a grown man to his knees."

It's for the men who see their lady and are stunned.
Who see her and feel like they don't deserve the woman walking down to them.

To all the lip-biters who wait with racing hearts, knowing that she is coming down that aisle to marry you.

To the men who gasp and fall apart like dollar-store sunglasses when she looks straight into your eyes, with her perfect smile.

To those who can only wipe streaming tears from their eyes.

Physical pain, hard days, bad jobs, and mean friends can't get those tears out of you.  But her? You can't help yourself.

To the men who can only  smile and smile -- and even let out a hearty laugh -- as they lock gaze with their precious girl.  You know you have a lifetime to love her, enjoy her, protect her, help her and grow with her, and that makes your face light up because it's her.

I am in this business (with this new brand) because I know that this isn't the first time she has startled you when she has walked in the room.  I know that her presence can make everything sweeter, better and more wonderful.  
I know that you will see her walk into many more rooms for the rest of your life.  
Maybe as you come home from a day at work, and she's just thrilled to see you.
Maybe someday she'll have a big ol' belly when she comes in.
Maybe she'll be in smelly pajama's with a child on her hip.
Maybe she'll come in with a tear-stained face after a hard day.
Maybe she'll walk to your dinner table with a plate of food that tastes terrible that she tried so hard to make for you.
Maybe she'll return from a quick "freshen up"  in the restroom on your 20th anniversary date, beaming with a mature, stunning elegance.
Maybe she will hobble in with her walker one day, and you won't even know it because you are losing your hearing.

But you will still look at her the same way, because she's yours.