The Bonebrake's - Family Shoot {MD/DC/VA - I'm Kristen}

Lift up your hearts with a smile
Lift up your feet with a dance
Lift up your spirits with a song
Its family time

Ziggy Marley - Family Time

Life is a serious thing - no joke.  And that's why it is SO important to seriously enjoy it.  I love when I meet people who really, really do.  The Bonebrake family.  Guh.  They love each other and they love life.

The kids are sweethearts and we had a blast running around a local park together.  I loved their giggles and trips and ideas for pictures. 

I love that their voice-message for their phone is "Hi!  You've reached the Bonebrake's and we're playing with the kids! Leave a message!"

I love how Andrea calls her baby boy "Mr. Blue Eyes."

They have such a care-free, relaxed, happy vibe to their family.  Their kids are going to love all their childhood memories - they have amazing parents.

He saw a puppy.  I am SO not as interesting as a puppy. 

Ps.  When was the last time you saw so many cute faces in one collage? 

Hey dad, I hope you are ready to keep the boys away from these two!  Good luck with that!

Maryland has some gorgeous color, I can't lie.  As fussy as the weather is, it really has some exceptionally gorgeous times.


They really are the best of friends.  I loved watching them together :D

I kinda wanted to take him home with me.  Think they'd notice?

And that's a wrap!

It was a pleasure meeting and working with you guys!  I hope you enjoy the pictures :D