Brandon + Tamara {Tremont Grand Baltimore Wedding}

"I don't wanna be just friends, no
I don't want another girl
Cause you're the only one I love"
just friends - jason reeves

Are you breezing through this post real quick?  Because that's fine.  But this is just a solid, no joke, GOOD story.  You should probably take it slow and let their story seize you.  

Tamara was a cheerleader and an 8th grader.  She was a spirited, blonde, All-American girl - what 7th grade boy didn't have a secret crush on her?  They all did.  You know it.  And Brandon suuure did.  He really liked her.  Imagine his awkward, adolescent joy when Tamara actually agreed to go out with him! He was a lucky, excited and confident fellow.  He got Tamara to date him.

In a completely predictable and normal turn of events, Tamara called things off before the monumental and historic two week anniversary. Ohhh burned! She wanted to stay friends though.  Hm.  I feel like that doesn't help.  You are 12, your upper-lip is all scabby from bad-shaving, your pants really are too short but you're too unaware to do anything about it and the girl you like wants to be "friends." As Jason Reeves sings, "Those two words are bullets in my chest - just friends."  
In an uncharacteristically brilliant move on this 7th graders part, Brandon decided that, yes, he'd liked to be friends.  Cheer-leading, heart-suffocating, smile-making 8th-grader Tamara wants to be friends with him? Deal. Done.  He was in.

So, they were friends.  Despite Brandon's "unchanged affections."  They laughed their way through middle school, and then high school.  College-years moved them around a bit, and they were rarely, if ever, in the same state.  However, they did a good job keeping in touch.  

Brandon always had Tamara there in his mind, but considering how adamant she was that they were "just friends" he tried to move on.  But no other girl was Tamara - simple as that. 
Let's face it, she is pretty awesome.   I didn't get a chance to meet her before the wedding, which isn't my preference, but my goodness... if there was a ever a bride to meet "day of," it's Tamara.  She effortlessly mixes an out-going excitement for life and a peaceful, calm demeanor.   I want to be friends with Tamara!
My heart honestly warmed as I watched her get ready.  She was too happy for her own good :D  But hold... how did we get to wedding day?  We need to flip back to the story.

 So they met in 1999 and it was now 2008.  Tamara was still in school and doing cheer, and Brandon was working in Florida.  She had always promised she would come visit him, but never had.  Not that she was avoiding it, but the trip just hadn't happened. Untillllll, an over-booked flight in Boston.  She kindly gave her seat to a stranger and took her free flying voucher to anywhere in the country.  
The bustle of life swept that voucher out of her mind, but right before it expired she remembered she had it. In a random, last-minute decision, she decided to keep her promise and see her middle-school buddy down in Florida.   You know what's coming, don't you?  He picked her up at the airport and it was like love at first sight!  Hugs, tears and instant romantic connection! Not.
It was the same story right there in the airport in Florida as it always had been.  Brandon liked her - really at this point loved her - and she thought of him as her dear friend, nothing more.   After enjoying each other's company for a week, Tamara headed back home.  Brandon was torn.  He had tried with her... he really, really had.  Hadn't she realized how great they were together?  How much fun they had?  How they could talk for hours?  But after almost 10 years of trying with this girl, Brandon needed to let her go.  His heart couldn't take it anymore.  She was too good and he couldn't have her.
The plot thickens, ladies and gentleman, oh how it thickens.  Tamara left her little-brother-esque, buddy-boy, friend in Orlando, boarded her plane home and by the time she had landed on the dull, chill ground of Maryland, it had all changed.  
She was newly crazy about that man she left behind.  Whoa there. Man? Yes, he was a man to her now - not merely a friend, but a wonderful, incredible man.  She couldn't stop thinking about him.  Her stomach swelled inside her as she remembered their last week together, psh, their last 10 years together!
Not even days later, Brandon called to tell her he was ready to take his role as her friend.  He'd had his Mr. Darcy "one word from you will silence me forever but I love you" speech, and he needed to get her out of his system.  He'd been rejected by the same girl so many times, and fell harder each time.  Imagine his heart - that patient, enduring, love sick heart - when he heard Tamara on the phone say "Wait a second.  My feelings have changed."
Brandon wasted no time.  That was the sentence he had been waiting to hear since he was 12-years-old. He was coming to see her. Pronto.  He flew to Maryland a few days later, and just after their big "two week" anniversary, he proposed.  He wasn't going to let her get away. No, not this time.  
God had been faithful.  He had seen these two through years of life, and at the perfect time, He made their lives one.  How wonderful!

After the ceremony, Brandon and Tamara exited the chapel and stopped around the corner.  Brandon hugged his wife, Tamara. And sobbed.  He kissed her as tears ran down his cheeks, slid down his lips and landed abruptly on his wife's wedding dress. Tamara's wedding dress.  Tamara was his wife.  And he was holding her.  

Their love is simple and it's deep.  It reminds me of the story of Jacob who worked for seven years to marry Rachel and all that time "
seemed like a few days to him, because of the love he had for her ."
Baltimore was boasting stunning night-color.  It couldn't have be more perfect for them :D
Their lovely wedding day was hosted inside the
Tremont Grand in Baltimore .  There were so many amazing rooms to use for pictures - but my favorite was the library :D
SMOKIN' - ohhh my!
The reception decor was flawless and the whole wedding was just an elegant, traditional eye-feast!  The music was beautiful, the food was to die for (no exaggeration), the place really was a room from your dreams.
And the love from friends and family couldn't have been stronger.  Everyone carried these two on their hearts and were just overwhelmed with excitement for them.
My favorite part of the day was when they entered the reception.  Now married, with a room bursting with love and support.  Brandon stood there so proud and happy.  And darling Tamara smiled and shifted in her dress.  They were so happy together, hand in hand.  
He got Tamara to marry him.  And be his love and best friend for the rest of his life.  Congratulations!