10 days {Personal}

Today, in 1989, I was supposed to be born.

Ten days from today in 1991, I turned 2 (and was stiiiinking cute)
Today in this year,
I was born ten days late, but probably worth every extra pain, sleepless night and additional pound, right mom? ;)

It was just a sign of things to come.  My parents' definitley-not-what-they-had-planned pregnancy turned into a summer baby who didn't show up on time.  I've pretty much been a not-so-into-planning, sunshine-lovin, late/behind, adding-pounds-thing ever since. 

But I'm ok with that.  And excited to turn 21. In ten days.


ps. Mom, I miss you and love you.  
pps.  In case you missed it, my fam moved to Florida so they won't be with me on my birthday.  And, I MISS THEM. Zee eende.