Favorite "Mis-Haps" {Contest Post #9}

Grace: I know, I look ridiculous. 
Bob: Oh no, it's a lovely hat. 
Grace: I'd take it off,  but then I'd have shower cap head. 
So you saw my hair last night. 
Not that you were lookin'. 
But, I mean, 
maybe you noticed my head
... my hair ...
my head...
my head of hair.

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Oh mishaps.
Gotta love them.

I was breezing (yes, breezing... like a delicate wind or a light mist. And I smelled amazing, of course.  Because anyone who "breezes" always smells good) through some old folders looking for a picture to add to my new website

And I found a big ol' long video from Thanksgiving Day.

My first Thanksgiving "on my own."
(Praise the Lord and Southwest Airlines and public school holiday break for allowing some of my favorite little people to join me.)

This was also my first "cooking the holiday meal" alone day.
And my first time making Turkey (with a capital T.  That thing deserves re-spect.)
And my first time researching how to make a Turkey.

(No one says to do it the same way, by the way.
Which is very confusing.
Because everyone says their way is best.
And that's confusing for someone who has ZERO idea.)

But this was my first time "carving" a Turkey.
("Just rip it off like a barbarian!" my little brother told me.)
And also my first time burning the stuffing.
Well, all-together forgetting about the stuffing.
("Nobody eats stuffing nowadays," my little brother also told me. 
I wonder what-a-days people did eat stuffing!)
And also the first time I heard (from my little sisters) that if you cut the Turkey a certain way it will "fart."
Also the first time I left the giblet bag INSIDE THE TURKEY WHILE IT COOKED.
(to defend myself, there were two bags. And I did take out one of them.)

Leave me a comment with one of your favorite "mis-hap" stories.
About cooking, or public speaking, or public restrooms, or pantyhose or anything!
And one of my snazzy, breezy aprons could be yours!

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