Four Day FunShop

"For what it's worth,
it was worth all the while.
I hope you had the time of your life."
green day | time of your life
I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I started photography.
Not a stinking clue.
Now I have two stinking clues,
and one lavender-fields smelling clue.
MUCH BETTER then nothing.
For real, though,
 I ran over to Chicago for six weeks for help.
Sarah Barlow took me under her wing,
taught me, befriended me and seriously changed the course of my business.
She poured herself out to help me.
I was changed, and moved.

I decided to do my own "internships" two summers ago.
The girls who came were brilliant.
I was, again, changed and moved.
They taught me more then I could have ever taught them.

So, the time has come again foooor:
One of the girls, who now happens to be one of my favorite-est friends, 

 "It was a week full of laughter, crazy photobooth fun, late nights, yummy food, 
Oh, and photography talk ;) 
It was the best best BEST thing that I've ever done for my business,
 and I'm so grateful for it. 

I'm grateful for Kristen being honest about her failures, 
and things she didn't do right. 
I'm grateful for the way she shared openly about the things she had done right 
and that had helped grow her business. 

And I'm super grateful for my Ica + Julia darlings 
who didn't laugh at my pc laptop 
and my complete inability to throw down even one cool dance move ;) 
I flew out to DC for a week with my rebel xti and 20lb laptop, 
to stay with someone I'd never met,
 in the hopes that this little step 
would somehow get me closer to my dream of being a wedding photographer 
and got so much more than I bargained for."

ps. digital SLR's, 
access to use or at least borrow a laptop, 
a desire to REALLY try this photography thing out
and a new pair of leopard print heels for me are required.