If Guys Were Like Girls {Funny}

"Yeah! Like this is The Notebook?
You just ask somebody out?"
"You can't do that."
"We say we love it in the movies, we say we love it in real life,
but we don't really."
Last year this first video started making its way around Facebook
It was getting so popular that the guys in it decided to take it off Facebook
and put it on YouTube to see the stats grow better. 

Over 780,000 views later,
they decided to make a sequel.
You've probably already seen them,
but just watch them again. 
I think I've watched them both a dozen times?

"Ice cream?"
"I'm soooo bad."

"I have to go to the bathroom.
Does anyone wanna come with me?"
"I could pee a little bit!"
What I love, especially in the second one,
is how their conversation goes "all" over the place.
They just nail it.
"How was Costa Rica?"
"I looooove Africa."
"Lion King is my favorite movie!"

"Cars can go backwards!"
"You're so right.  Yes they can."

These are super quoteable ;)
Another reason I love them.

You have a favorite quote/line?

"Remember, I don't eat gluten."
"When did that happen?"
"When it was trendy."
"I think I'm gluten intolerant!"
"I think we
all are."
"Gluten is so ew."

Hahah tell me tell me!
What's your fave line?