Hello, World {personal}

"i saw it glitter
as i grew
and loved it,
boy, i never knew.
this place was heaven sent
but now it's just a monument"
she&him | i thought i saw you

I wonder where you are going?
Why did you just get your nails done?
Is that just the type of thing you like to do weekly?
Or do you have somewhere fun to go tonight?
Do you like the forest green color of your little old car?
Probably not.

Forest green is kind of a strange color for a car.
It's a great color for a forest, though!
Did you get your nails painted forest green?
Or hot pink? (cause it's summer.)
Or light grey? (cause it's trendy.)
Or a french manicure? (cause old habits die hard.)

And you two! I'm gonna guess you are walking to dinner.
You look like the burger-type.
You both look like it's been a long work day.
I'm gonna guess you've been dating for a good while now.
And you're tired today.
And ready for a burger.
Yup, you just entered Elevation Burger.
I like that place a lot too.  Yummyyummy.

What makes you cry?
And what makes you laugh so hard you can't breathe?
Did you have a wonderful childhood?
Do you want to be a doctor when you grow up?
Are you afraid of the dark?
Or afraid of commitment?
Do you love the beach, or the mountains, or the city?
How did you come to Maryland?
Where you born here?
Do you want to die here?

Who are you, people outside my window?
What's your story?
Who are you?
I love to watch and wonder and guess.

Sometimes I'm supposed to be vacuuming,
but I get distracted with crafting your life storyline
(based on all I can see: what you are wearing, who you are with,
where you are going, your body language, and occasionally your conversation
[but that's only if you talk really loud and my windows are open.])

Anyways, "hello!"
It was nice to people-watch you.
I do truly hope you have a lovely day.
I promise I'm not a creeper, I just like to watch.
I could sit by my window for hours and just watch.
Enjoy your evening and your painted nails!

"...I lose myself in a daaaaydream..."
taylor swift | speak now