How Much Better Could the Skies of Heaven Be? {Personal}

"Change... had passed away."
christina georgina rossetti | from house to house  

I read a very moving poem this week.
This sky looked like this this week:
pc: lydia jane, not me ;)

"Then earth and heaven were rolled up like a scroll;
Time and space, change and death, had passed away;
Weight, number, measure, each had reached its whole;
The day had come, that day."

I don't think I've ever thought about change passing away before.  It's an interesting thing to think about.  Dreams are made up of change "Someday I'm going to do ____! I'm going to change what I'm doing now and actually do _____!"  Heaven will be perfect the entire time.  It will always be right.  A citizen of Heaven is experiencing all the best of God, all the time, with no nemesis or barrier to Him.  Never will there be an unexpected turn.  Rain on our parades.  Nothing will be messed up.  Things will always go according to plan.  Every single time.  But then again, time will be done away with too.   Imagine the security you'd feel knowing that you will never be disappointed, frustrated, hurt or a failure again.  No more change.  

"Multitudesβ€”multitudesβ€”stood up in bliss,
Made above to the angels, glorious, fair;
With harps, palms, wedding-garments, kiss of peace
And crowned and haloed hair."

Heaven is going to be so happy.  I long for the happiness of Heaven.  

"They sang a song, a new song in the height,
Harping with harps to Him Who is Strong and True: 
They drank new wine, their eyes saw with new light,
Lo, all things were made new."

"To be introduced, or discovered now for the first time."
What a day it will be when we are introduced to that unguarded, unsparing happiness of Home.
The day we discover Heaven for the first time.