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One thing I genuinely appreciate is a person who can make me laugh with one line.  Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy funny story-telling, comedic build-up to the punch line, or a long streaming scene of humor that snowballs on itself (like The Office episode where Dwight sets the office on fire and Angela throws her cat into the ceiling "The fire is shooting at us!")  But those swiftly, smartly spoken one-liners have a different skill to them.  You must be sharp and engaged, quick and amused.  

Last year when I stumbled across Angela Sawyer (or "gingela5's") twitter via Pioneer Woman's twitter, I was hooked.  Every tweet made me laugh.  I love her focus on work blues, being a "fat girl" (aka: anyone not a size 0 who eats raisins on Thanksgiving?) and her dogs.  Short story: Her tweets make me laugh.  But they also make me say "YES. SO true! Happens to me all the time!"  Here are a few examples:

- Tip: when you're the passenger on a road trip, before distributing fries, eat some out of BOTH containers. That way you get a few extra.

- My hair never looks cuter than when I'm getting ready to hop into bed.
- Yes, I got this cut on my wrist digging through my car because I thought a mayo packet happened to be a fun size butterfinger. :(

I asked this fiercely loyal Oklahoman (all native Oklahoman's are fiercely loyal, I've learned) to tell us a bit about Oklahoma life and guest blog for me today. Enjoy! (And go follow her on twitter!)


"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOklahoma…where the wind comes sweeping down the plains…

What is there to say about Oklahoma? Not much, so let’s talk about something more exciting. ME!

Kristen emailed me about a week ago and asked me to write a guest blog post for her. She simply told me to write about Oklahoma and told me to run with it and write whatever I wanted to write. Since my life is excruciatingly boring I told her I’d just lie and embellish like I do in real life.
By the way, my name is Angela—you can call me anything you want but never, ever call me Angie. Ever. I’ve lived in Oklahoma my whole life in a little town called Oklahoma City. Okay, maybe it’s not a small town but I’m sure there are still some people out there that think that we still ride horses everywhere and have to stop for cows when we’re driving down the road. People, we have a Wal Mart—we’re in the big leagues here! Actually, the suburb I live in, Edmond if you want to get technical, is a thriving city. We have not one, but two Targets and (be ready to be jealous) about four Chick-Fil-A’s within minutes of my house. I have a lovely husband and two dogs that make my life miserable, but I love them. While life may not be fast-paced and crazy, my husband and I take time to enjoy the laid-back environment of Oklahoma.

I’ll begin by telling you how I earned my first million dollars…Okay, okay, okay…that would have been a major lie and embellishment. I’ll be truthful and in turn bore the snot out of you from here on out!

We fill most evenings working out (aka kicking my husband’s butt in the gym) or relaxing with the dogs. Our favorite thing to do in the OKC is going to Oklahoma City Thunder games. As luck would have it, my dad got us season tickets this year so we get to go to every home game. Unfortunately, I always spend 90% of the game people watching or catching up on Twitter so I only catch about 10% of the game. I’m sure that’s exactly what my dad intended when he bought the tickets for us.
If you’re a wuss when it comes to weather, don’t come here. Especially in the springtime. While this is one of my favorite things about Oklahoma, many people don’t appreciate the beauty of a tornado. Which I think is crazy—who doesn’t love running to a shelter two or three times a storm season? It’s great exercise. In fact last year we spent three or four hours of my husband’s birthday huddled in a shelter with our dogs and about a hundred other people. It’s actually the exact way I’d want to spend my birthday but he wasn’t too thrilled with it. It got me out of giving him a gift—we came home to our house still standing and I just said, 'Happy Birthday!'

My husband and I are easily entertained, so that’s probably why we love Oklahoma so much. I’m using the word “we” loosely. He has to love Oklahoma whether he wants to or not. That’s just the kind of love I show him… 'LOVE OKLAHOMA or ELSE!!' At this point he’s probably wanting the “else” part of that threat. We love here and if I had it my way I’d never leave. Oklahoma is Okla-HOME-a to me! (If you didn’t roll your eyes, you should have. That was a lame joke.)

Thanks for taking a small, tiny peek at my life in the great state of Oklahoma!"
Thanks so much for the post Gingela5! You crack me up.  Keep on keeping on ;)