Enjoy Pinterest | Rain Boots

it's raining, it's pouring,
the old man is snoring!

The 2012 Maryland winter was been as mild as they come.  It's been lovely for a summer-lover like me who can't wait for shorts and sandals, because there have been days this summer where I WORE SHORTS.  The "Snowmaggedon" Blizzard shut down the entire government two years ago.  I wanted to cry multiple times, mostly when I was falling into waist-high snow at night after slipping on ice.  But you know what mild winters remind me of (besides safety, hope and eternal sunshine?) SPRING! It's right around the corner, I get more excited every day, spring is near! Sound the alarms! Rejoice in the streets!

Today's EnjoyProject pin board is dedicated to the fancy footwear we need to survive the April Showers.  Or we need to distract from our pasty winter legs.  My one and only pair of rain boots died in Ireland last year, so I buried them there (some people have funerals for their pets, I have funerals for my shoes.) That leaves me needing some new kicks.  Here are some favorites so far:

I had never really considered ankle-high rain boots (in some ways that seems to defeat the purpose of a rain boot) BUT, these modern, cream beauts are hard to ignore:
These are probably a tad too Oliver Twist for me to rock, but how I wish I could wear these red lookers:
While these mauve waders my appear ho-hum, I really adore the dark buckles on the side AND would love to wear them with a neon yellow skirt.  I'm all about mixing blush neutrals and neons (okay... the whole WORLD is into that right now... I know I didn't come up with it.  But I jumped on this trend train and held on tight!)

PATTERNED RAIN BOOTS? Be still my covetous heart.


Now here is a pair of red boots I could get into!  I just adore the shape of the heel, the sweater cuff and the confident red. Mhhmmm.
We'll close this cookie jar after one last bite of my personal favorites. Tom Joule boots are my footwear soulmates. (Should I go there? Should I... No...Ah... I.. can....not... STOP. SOLEMATES! Sorry. I tried.)  I've been waiting for a love like this all my life.  Aren't they beautiful? And sensitive? And strong? *Sigh*


Alright pinners! I posted the rules below so you can refresh yourself!  Get yourself added to the EnjoyProject Pinboard and show me some boots that rival those Tom Joule's! Major props to Yana... she jumped right in last week and posted up a storm! She made my day and her Pinterest boards are so fun. You should check. it. ouuuut.


1] I created a group board called "Enjoy Project"... follow it!
2] Every Thursday I will blog about a particular topic (today, for example, is pencils.)
3] Leave a comment with your Pinterest name and I will add you as a contributor to the group board.  Also leave a link to your favorite/rad find for the theme.  (So leave a link to some awesome pencils - colored pencils, mechanical pencils, etsy pencils, skies the limit!)
4] Once you are added to the group, you can pin your find right to the page.  If you would like to contribute to the group, but do NOT want to be an official contributor, leave your Pinterest name and link and I'll post your find myself, with credit for the find to you.
5] We'll collect ideas together! Sitting all alone on your computer, scrolling through pages and pages, waiting for pins to fetch, is very isolated ;) This way we can interact together! And get to know one another.
6] Once a pin is in the group you can (obviously) re-pin to a different board if you'd like more organization for yourself.
7] Be kind, have fun and enjoy one another, please and thank yaaaa.
8] When pinning on this board, use the #enjoyproject hashtag! It will make it ever easier to find when we have more and more posts.
9] My goal is to have the board available to the current topic for one week.  So you have from Thursday-Wednesday to post pencils! Then Thursday-Wednesday to post _______. (I'm not giving away next weeks topic just yet ;) haha).
10] Enjoy yourself. And the ideas. And the other people. 
Alright! You ready? Go pin!