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clocks - coldplay 
After all the smack-talk and big-mouthing I got about how nothing compares to Oklahoma... I must say I'm very pleased to have successfully convinced two cowboys to join me in the "big city."  My darling fiance' once again shares a room with his twin brother.  In the "big city." Muhaha. ;)

Besides having family in town, the best part of these two being together is their incredible musical gifting and talent.  Combined they have been playing music for 38 years, and it all began with teaching themselves piano.  In an effort to really make a living by playing music, The Other Twin (aka: Daniel) has set up a nice little facebook page.   Please don't like it "just because."  Listen to them and see what you think.  If you like - or dareisay love! - the sounds you hear, let them know!  Share their video or like their page or even send them a message.

They are available and eager to teach lessons as well as play for weddings.  In the "big city." ;)

(They had never heard "Clocks" by Coldplay.  In an hour they were playing this:)

(Caleb still hasn't heard "I'm Yours."  But he can play it.  They are freaks of nature.  In the "big city.")

Maybe I have to give Oklahoma some credit for raising these tall, gorgeous, disciplined, creative men after all.  Maybe they were right: maybe nothing compares to Oklahoma.