Enjoy People | Moving Home

i try to build a full personality for each of our cartoon characters -
to make them personalities. 
walt disney
Ten days, ladies and gentleman, ten days.   My personality-full, animated, much-to-say, get-in-your-biznazz, beautiful, hungry, raucous, funny family is moving back to Maryland!  Can you believe it's already been two years since they left?
SO us. tim in his swimsuit, church shirt and basketball shoes... katie in her pioneer girl dress and church shoes with no socks... me in white denim shorts and t-shirt tucked into it with church shoes and mis-matched frilly socks... out in public for the evening.  posing with old cowboys.
In honor of their big move, I decided to share some of my favorite quotes from the littlest member of our bunch, Lauren.   Life without "this" stinks ;) (I've posted all of these on my twitter with the hashtag "#quotesfromLauren.")

Without further ado, enjoy these brilliant one-liners from an eight-year-old comedic genuis:

- I love cheese. It goes with my brand. (I did not know she had a brand.)
I told Grandma to "Shake it, boo!" and she did. But her cheek skin that hangs down was jiggling.

- I like "e" names: Ella, Emma, Emily, Oscar.
After finishing a Chipotle burrito: "That was the best meal I've had in three days." 

this picture makes me want to have 20 children.  life is so much better with children... and lauren was particularly cute this day.  i remember it.

Talking to my other sister about my boyfriend: "He has everything a girl could want." 
After not being able to do one push-up: "I'm better at sit-ups. I can do five."

- Ear wax looks like caramel dip.
- "I'm literally a nut." "No, you're figuratively a nut." "Oh. Well, I am literally hot." 
mama bear and i going wedding dress shopping!
I have to include a couple from my Mama Bear... my parent's are funny people.

- Driving a SmartCar is like driving a living room chair wearing sunglasses.

- You can only ignore the elephant in the room for so long. Eventually it starts pooping everywhere and breaking your furniture.
This is probably the worst family photo of all time.  Most of us either look fat or grumpy.  But I love it.  Because no one is fat or grumpy.  But I remember someone was making fun of Kevin and dad was quoting Everybody Loves Raymond and mom was telling everyone to smile and some of us are in our pajamas and this was Christmas morning (remember when we used to wear matching plaid with bows in our hairs?).  Hurry home, kids.  It's time to be back together.  With a new older brother ;)

ps. Update on my fightin' mama bear and how you could help!