"so, this is love"

Gracie Brin and her mom stopped by today for some pictures.

"Oh, it's a beautiful thing
Don't think I can keep it all in":

"And if you asked why I changed
All I gotta do is say your sweet name":

"It's your love
It does something to me":

"Sends a shock right through me
I can't get enough":
"And if you wonder
About the spell I'm under
It's your love":
Tim McGraw & Faith Hill -- It's Your Love

Pray for Gracie's dad as he continues to serve our country in Iraq. I know both his ladies miss him terribly! Actually, I'm sure Gracies' mom would appreciate prayers as well, while she waits for him to get home.
Thanks to my total stupidity I deleted about 80 pictures from today, so I need to wait for my only copy of the pictures to come later. More precious-ness to come!