22 days left.

And this summer is going to be especially special.

The next time I go back-to-school shopping will be for my kids.
I never need to try on Flynn & O'Hara uniforms in August (even though they never did quite fit, anyway)
I never need to do a summer reading book report. Ever again.
I will never bring homework on vacation, to do on the plane.
I will never be making spreadsheets of possible class schedules and calling friends to make sure they are taking the first period class, too.
I will never have a school picture taken ("Could you raise your chin, slightly and pull your shoulders back? Okay. hmm. Actually, lets have you look over here and tilt your head at the wall. Turn your shoulders more. No, this way. Turn, turn - stop! Great - lean in just a tad. OKAY! Hold that position! Big Smiiile. Cheese Curls! Wait, let me just part your hair really awkwardly so that even if your face happens to look good, your hair while ruin the picture completely. Oh - and I'm sure you don't mind me putting my hands in your hair, right?" )
Never again, friends, never again.
"This is my last 168th day of school ever!"

I can't wait to ride down 124, windows rolled down, hand out the window, Slurpee in the cup-holder with green-ish red teeth, singing:
"You're a midsummer's dream under a star-soaked sky! You're like comin' hoooome!!!"
I can't wait to smell summer.
I can't wait to kill a pair of innocent flip-flops from extreme overuse.
I can't wait jump on the trampoline until my feet are black.
I can't wait to look, and look, and decide, and analyze and eventually buy another pair of ill-fitting shorts and end up wearing basketball shorts all summer anyways.
I can't wait to get home from work, like a real person, and sit outside under that "star-soaked sky," eating a nice watermelon slice, or corn-on-the-cob, or vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles, or any other summer food.
I can't wait to meet Sarah Anne.
I can't wait for the kids camps (and getting another basketball camp t-shirt, which will bring the collection to 76, I believe.)
It's coming! 22 days!

This little rant was brought to you by: Summer Celebration Archive Photos!

Thank you, Lord, for summer.