My bad.

Hey, I know I haven't been posting a ton... and I have lots and lots to post! I am doing a quick little "here's my excuse post" and tomorrow I am really going to try to get my engagement shoot up of Jessi and Dan - you two have been waiting over a week! Thank you! It's coming and its my biggest post ever (over 80 pics!)

But, some of what has been keeping me busy is this:
Coaching the middle school at CLS. *sigh* My little cougar cubs.... haha :DMay I introduce Coach Caitlin (she is awesome) and Coach Kristen. (so fun to say)We are pretty terrible, but, hey - at least we are a lot of fun being really bad!The nice thing about being the worst (we have been outscored 40-0. Yes. Zero.) is that there is nowhere to go but up. We get to be the underdogs and the underdogs always have more fun trying to knock off the best teams. I think that in the next few years this team is going to come a long way! Our team is young, energetic and enthusiastic. Its gonna be good :D
I love the girls so much and they make me laugh - hard. So, here's my shout-out to Jenna, Kia, Skylar, Kimmie, Amanda, Emily P, Emily B, Charity, Rebekah, Jessi, Kara, Sophia, Danielle, Ashley and Kaitlyn!!! I love you girls!(And, after that phenom coaching, I do deserve a burger... haha)