Oh. My. Wow.

I love my life! I just love it! I could not ask for a single thing - I truly, truly am living the life of my dreams. I am so blessed! And, New York City, yes, it is awesome. Alright here is the load down on some of what we have done...
So, the big names:

Well, Lydia finally met Sarah :DI met Jessica Claire!!! For those who don't know, she is basically my photography hero. I found her blog (as well as DJ and Becker's blogs) and my mind was made up. I knew I wanted to do photography. Their work is so inspiring and emotion-filled. I just love love love their stuff.
Anyways, it was very exciting to finally meet her! Oh, and she is simply awesome.I bought a ShootSac at her booth:

We also met Bob Davis (who is Oprah's photographer and shot Tony Parker and Eva Longoria's wedding. BIG time!)Becker. What else can I say? This guy has a phenomonal personality and is just hysterical!We had a good time with him!
"Aaaaaahh! David Jay!" I was getting excited :DDJ is a wonderful, caring guy and has been so kind to me! I really appreciate his care for up
and coming photographers - it means the world! Thank you!Ok, soooo, lets back track...

Before we were rubbing elbows with all the celebs, we ate at this awesome little breakfast place. It could not have been more "New York". A little Meditteranean place where the chef comes out, with his heavy NewYorker accent, and says "Ohhaaw. Don't look at the menu. Just tell me what you want! I will make anything you want! Like, you know, when you wake-up in the morning and your mom is making you your favorite breakfast - just tell me! I will make anything for you." We liked him :D

The famous Dane Sanders ate with us, which was a treat! He even offered to let me shoot an engagement session with him! I am pretty siked! He is so kind!After our fabulous breakfast, we headed off to the Expo. All happy and giddy. Ok, so the place is HUGE. It is literally like the size of a city-block. Thousands of photographers. I felt like a little fish in the ocean, and VERY out of place and nervous!
Here are some stylin' shots of Sarah:
And, uh, our sore but cute feet.At the ShootSac booth, I got this awesome flamingo. It made my day! I carried that thing around all day! I got so many questions and inquiries about it. I felt slightly important :D Oh, and at lunch, I def tripped the waiter with it. My bad :D
I love my flamingo.
I really did.
A lot.
So did Natalie.
And the KubotaMan.... weird.
Aaaaand, the guy behind me is a very big deal in the photographer world. His name is escaping me and Sarah is sleeping, so I will get on that tomorrow.
But, his studio shoots over 500 weddings A YEAR. Pretty crazy!
This picture just made me smile. Lydia and I both saw the man sitting there under the sign. She liked how his knees were, I liked the colors. So we each have our own version of this picture:Come back later to hear about the rest of our day, including the firemen at our hotel, the party with DJ, Jessica and Becker, limo's and a photoshoot in Time Square! It was been quite a day!