Christmas at my house :)

"I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just thiiing
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree....
All I want for Christmas is YOU
[Mom, Dad, Tim, Blossom, Kevs, Dude, Shanny and Lou!]!"

Christmas in a 9-person home is awesome. Christmas in my 9-person home is out of this world :)
This is when The Littles got the "ok" to come downstairs - they were so, so excited!
I think I have officially grown-up, cause watching the kids open their gifts really, really was more fun than getting my own:

The Snyder Ladies now have some snazzy footwear:
Aw, mom =) She was too fun this year - cracked me up all day! This was when she got her new exercise bike. Hahah, soooo, I just have to tell a quick mom story.
When we were leaving the Christmas Eve service last night, we were walking to the parking lot and a lady said "Hello!" to my mom. My mom smiled and nodded friendly-ly and said "Good Morning!" hahahahahDude is getting too big too fast :("You can get any shoes you want - they just have to be on sale, and you can't like them. That's just how we do things." - my dad at the store yesterday heheShannon decked out in her gifts:Lou-lou is a very serious gift-opener. She is almost concerned. Its the cutest thing ever!And, Katie and I in our morning glory haha
Katie was a saint last night - she stayed up until 3 am helping my mom finish everything :) I volunteered to go to bed with the Ladies, ya know, so they would stay out of the way....Okee, just had to brag for a moment on my mother:
Because she is all kinds of awesome, she got me pj's and a bag that match my website
Also received some lovely arm-wear (The "Support The Rabid" one is from Julie. "Myth: 3 people a year die from rabies. Fact: 4 people a year die from rabies!")
My lovely stocking stuffers =)And the BEST present I have probably ever gotten: A GPS SYSTEM!!!!!! I have the worst sense of direction on earth and I just get lost constantly. Its so bad. But, now, with my "NeverLost" I can travel with easy-to-read maps and voice directions to 48 of the 50 states! I guess I will still have to get lost in Hawaii and Alaska... hehe
Oh! And I also am the proud new owner of polka-dot luggage, so if anyone ever wants me to visit them, I do have luggage I can use.... so let me know! I'd love to go anywhere ;)Well, thats all for now... I am going to go out and start helping with dinner - but stay tuned for some precious stories and quotes from my day!

Merry CHRISTmas!!!!