They look so good in love :)

I just finished shooting Ally & Chris's wedding. My goodness.I feel like every time I go to a wedding I think "Yes! This IS the most in love couple I have ever seen!" and I get all emotional watching the bride and groom go through their day. I'll get chills, get choked up - even cry - behind my camera. And when I come home to blog it all sounds the same as every other post. But really, really Ally & Chris are one of the most in love couples I have ever had the pleasure to shoot.Chris is very gentle and tender with Ally. You can so tell that she is precious to him. He is so focused on her. When she is talking, he is listening. When she is around, he is looking at her. Chris is Ally's shoulder to lean on - such a dependable, strong young man.
And Ally. Well, besides that fact that she is completely stunning, Ally is a little ball of energy. She talks and laughs and smiles her life away. When I hear the quote: "Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. And live everyday as if it were your last" I think of Ally. She adores Chris. I didn't think that this girl could be any happier, but somehow Chris made her so.

Alright, I am going through the pictures, but here are some that jumped out at me from the beginning of the day:(ok, I really am a fan of shoes. Wups.)
Meh! So stinkin' pretty!!!This is Ally's cutie-pie neice and flowergirl, Katie. She is such a riot!!!This was one of my favorites moments of the whole day. Ally and her dad have such a special relationship and I loved this picture from when they first saw each other. Awwww :( Makes me cry....And, Kelley reminded me of Snow White today :) You are so gorgeous, Kel!
Devon (Ally's little sister) and I were bff's in middle-school and most of high-school. We are basically a whole lot of fun :) I haven't gotten to see her as much the last few years, but I love her terribly and I thought she looked beautiful today :) LOVE YOU!These little pine cones were one of Ally's favorite details, so I had to post for her :)Um, and I just loved this - for no reason at all.Congratulations Ally & Chris!

All the best!!!!!