A little bit of life

"Dear, I thought I'd drop a line
The weather is cool
The folks are fine
I'm in bed each night at nine
Ps. I love you"

My life. So, this blog is about me and my photography. And, I decided that I am going to do a little post about whatever I want to :) There will probably be more "writing" to explain the pictures and why they are posted and why they are special to me, so bear with =)

Alrighty. My first little topic. Casey aaand David :) Casey and David were my very first couple this year and I still see them (especially Casey) regularly and I just love 'em so so so much. I was looking through some of their wedding pictures and I was reminded of 1) how in love they are and 2) how much I miss summertime haha These make me just long for summer days and summer sunshine!
But, I have to admit snow pictures are cute too :)
I really can't complain, though, because we have had some amazing weather over here - 6oish degrees a few days ago, which is insane for our area.

"Yesterday we had some rain
But all in all I can't complain
Was it dusty on the train
Ps. I love you"

But, who wants to talk about the weather? Ha, not me. Thats BOring. Lets talk about my precious little sisters.
When we went to Richmond during the holidays, I took these pictures of Shannon and Lou-Lou playing in the hotel bed. I can totally hear them laughing and whispering and causing trouble everytime I look at these pictures:I love when pictures totally capture the emotion of the moment.
Speaking of, um, emotions (?) I always love couples dancing. A few weddings back there were THE sweetest couples dancing together. And I just specifically loved this picture:This husband and wife were captivating. I am not sure how to say this without it sounding the typical-blog-cheesy, but these two were madly, madly in love. And it was hard to not just stare at them. They were honestly addicting to watch. I found out that they have been married for over a year-and-a-half and it made me so happy. It was so refreshing to see a married couple who was crazy about each other. Our culture so often portrays marriage as boring, dull and burdensome, but it really shouldn't be! I am super grateful when I see couples like this :D Speaking of happy marriages and sweet couples, I did a family shoot for Leah a few weeks back. She has an adorable and TEENY little daughter.
But, she and her husband are such hard, hard-workers and they are obviously so devoted to each other and their life together."Now let me think; i guess that's all
Nothing else for me to say
And so I'll close, but by the way
Everybody's thinking of you
Ps. I love you"
And these shoes have nothing to with anything except that
Ps. I love them

Nellie McKay - Ps. I love you