Serious Blog Break!

{this is just a lovely picture i came across of a lovely friend, and i felt like posting it :D}

That was one of the longest blog breaks I have had in a while! Pardon me :)
It's hard to blog when its so gloomy outside. There's nothing to take pictures of. It's freezing. And, I am pretty busy doing the "other-half" of this job! Hahah
It's very fun to me, however, to be getting all ready and prepared for this upcoming year! I have also been scouring the world for songs - cause I have lots of madly-in-love-couples this year, who need good songs for their posts! haha I can't wait to use them! Brides, I hope you are half as excited as I am!!!
So, here's a quick update...
First of all - we have had a nasty flu going around our house. So far Dude and I are the last ones who haven't gotten it... we'll see if our rock-solid immune system can do it!
Poor baby girl :(

I have also been baby-sitting a lot. I so love kids - and I have been seeing these two kiddos a ton recently!
I have known them since they were first born (I remember when their mom was pregnant with both of them :D) And I love being them.
Recently I have been getting them up and off to school on occasional weekdays. We make breakfast, get dressed, play around and then do the car-pool. I def feel like a mother and its preeeetty fun hehe
And I have to introduce everyone to my dear friend, Nadia. There will be a whole post on her later, but I just have to you a little about her.
Nadia is one of the most amazing people you could ever dream of meeting, though she would never think so herself. Her story and life is just simply a miraculous and inspiring story of a faithful woman and her faithful God. I love being with Nadia and laughing (very, very hard - she thinks I'm pretty funny haha), crying, talking, learning and laughing more. So, stay tuned for more about her :)
Oh! And we did a little photoshoot in her apartment a little while back. It was quite fun!
I went to an incredible conference this past weekend with about 20 people from my church. It was a Passion Conference, where worship was led by Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and Charlie Hall. It was, like, I am trying to find words to explain it, it was just a beautiful time. I fell in love all over again with my Savior - He is too good to me!!!
So, besides getting ready for my crUUuuiisse, where I will be getting taaaan, I am just chilling :)
Oh! I have been getting more organized I am sitting in a fabulously clean room right now that smells like PassionFruit & Guava (I am IN LOVE with B&BW's WallFlowers!). I am also realizing that taxes. Taxes, taxes, taxes. Yeah, thats enough said. I am just realizing TAXES. (In all honesty, its not terrible yet. But, I have just begun. So, we'll see how it continues...)

The shoots start back up again on Monday, with an engagement shoot. Wait for it, waaait for it...