Happy Weekend!

It's March! And it's sunny-ish! And spring is one the way!
My favorite quote from yesterday: I was picking up Seneca (the little girl I baby-sit from the last post) and taking her to gymnastics. When she was getting in my car I was like "Hey Noodle, you are ready for GYMnasTICS?!?!" and she was like "Noodle?!" And I said "Oh, wait, you're not a noodle. You are a porcupine, right?" She just laughed and I said "Hmm, if you're not a porcupine than you must be a DoratheExplorer!" She was like "NO! I am a Seneca! And I eat fast."
It was about as random as it sounded. She is Seneca. She eats fast. I like it.
Have a merry weekend!