Happiness Runs

If I was a grandma, this post would be the portraits I have in my wallet of my grandkids to brag about when I am sitting on an airplane.

I can't imagine loving anyone as much as I love these little people! I just had to post some of my favorite stories from this week...A few days ago they all went grocery shopping with me. Usually I just take one, maybe two, of them. But surprisingly they all wanted to come!
They were so excited to come and it took a few minutes to even get in the store, because they were trying to figure out the perfect carts to get. Shannon and Lauren each wanted to push a "small" cart, but there was only one. Dude wanted to ride on the back of a "regular" cart. Then Lauren spotted the "fire engine" cart and everyone agreed to use that monster vehicle. It's like pushing a bed on wheels, with a plastic stick - its such a work out! The cart people need to figure something out with that....Anyways, I think that this was the best shopping trip I have ever gone on. These children have been trained right! They know what to do in grocery stores!
I really, really do not like to ask for help (it's terrible, but it's the truth) so I usually end up spending way more time looking for something, instead of just asking someone to tell me.The Littles, however, love to ask people! I would send them to go get the odd-end things I needed, and in about a minute they would come running back with it! Granted, once I asked for pecans and Shannon returned with croΓ»tons, and it was hard to keep my eye on them, but the we got it all done really fast! I even had Dude go get two cans of cinnamon rolls, and he came back with two and said "This brand was one sale '2 for 1' so thats what I got."
Excellent work, kid.Part of the special trip included getting a treat at the end. They were taking forever to choose, so I told them they had 10 seconds to choose. Lauren walked over and started to give me her "puppy" eyes/voice and tried to convince me why she needed more then 10 seconds to choose. I couldn't help but laugh, cause she looked so cute!
Speaking of Lauren, she is just such a treasure. God was so kind to make her the baby of the family. She has always been an incredibly sweet, affectionate, loving little girl.Whenever I come home from being out, she is always the first to come sit on my lap and give me a hug. She loves to be cuddly and just sit together and talk. But, she is also quite fun! Sometimes she'll knock on my door and say "Kristen, can we have a dance party?" I'll turn on SpiceGirls or Chris Brown and we'll jump on the bed , with hair-brush microphones, singing our little out-of-tune hearts out."Guess what, Kristen?"
"What, Bear?"
"I love you!"
"Well, I love you more!"

"Not possible!"

Shannon came into my room today, just as I was preparing this post. "KRISTEN!!! I lost my tooth!" It's great because she has lost six teeth, and she is six :) She is quite excited about that!
Whenever I am out of town, I can count on at least 5 voice messages from Shannon - and I love to get them :) She usually just rambles on about her day and says "Ok, well, I love you and I miss you and *muah*" Shannon is one of those kids who will make you think. She asks questions about God, Heaven and life that are brilliant! She will stop me dead in my tracks sometimes.{she took this picture yesterday... i really love it!}
She is also a prayer-warrior! When something is laid on her heart, she gets passionately emotional about it. Once she was listening to "Amazing Grace" on the radio and burst into tears. We were all asking her what was wrong and she said that "the song made her think about Carl [my brother's friend who had died suddenly a few months before]." She has prayed for one of our neighbors ankles for over two years now. One day I was driving and she asked if we could turn on "God music" because she wanted to worship. I can't wait to see what God does with her little life... but it's going to be great!I hope you are still with me, cause these next two stories are my favorite.

Last week my other brother Kevin was pretty sick. He had a sinus infection, strep-thigh (yes, thigh) and doctors thought he had mono or pneumonia (he had neither, thank goodness). But, he was not feeling too hot.
It was about 9:00 am, and I came in the front door and saw Dude doing something in the kitchen.
On his own initiative and all by himself, he made Kevin a whole stack of waffles. They were toasted perfectly, with melted butter, syrup and he was in the process of getting him orange juice.
Aaaaaaah! It's too much for me! It was too sweet! And thoughtful! Goodness, gracious, I love him!
Also, yesterday I was folding this insane pile of laundry on my bed. I hear this little tap on my door. Dude comes in and says "Hey, do you want me to clean your windows for you?" He was finished with school on a beautiful day, and he came in and washed my windows - totally on his own. The first thought I had in my mind was Jesus washing the feet of His disciples. I want to be a servant like Jesus, and like Dude!
Kiddos, you make me so happy. I can't thank God enough for letting me be your sister!
You are THE best!

EDIT*** So, pretty much as soon as I was done with this post, I went into my bathroom. Found this:That adorable little girl in the frame was making mud cupcakes. Awesome.

Ok, and Shannon just spilled her lunch. I need to go...