Kind of a big deal.

Three nights ago Shannon came running upstairs yelling my name.
"What Shannon! What?!?"
"KrisTEN!!! I have my first soccer practice tomorrow!!!" She was smiling with her adorable missing teeth, and her heart was racing and she
And I was SO excited for her!

The next morning I woke up and was in my room for a little while getting stuff done. I heard the girls outside my room and I hear this little "clunkclunkclunkclunk" running past my door. 
I stuck my head out real quick and I see Shannon in her cleats, shin guards, my dad's work socks, shorts and a t-shirt. It was definitely 10:00 am.

I was so excited about her practice I told my mom I wanted to take her. So when 4:45 FiNaLLy rolled around, Katie, Lauren, Shannon and I got into my car with directions, a green water bottle that had been filled up and by the front door since 12:45 and my camera :)

She is way too cool for her own good and was by far the best on the team :) She has that Snyder-aggressive-thing going on when she plays. They were doing this little one-on-one game and Shannon was going up against this boy named Frankie. Frankie is 6, has an earring, a rattail, and is a tough kid. His dad is this big, bearded, tattooed guy with two earrings. I was intimidated by Frankie. 
Shannon wasn't I guess, cause when she went up against him she ran right into him, stole the ball, scored a goal and skipped back to her line.
Frankie's dad mumbled something about signing up Frankie for football :)

Wellll, this morning I ran some errands and when I pulled into my house I saw this little pink balling rolling from behind a tree. And there was Shannon in her new uniform, dribbling that ball all around the front yard - with Lauren chasing her.
She makes me heart melt into a puddle of wax. She is SOOO CUTE! Aah. I can't stand it!

If you are ever trying to reach me on a Saturday morning, I might be busy watching Shannon win her games, just so you know.