My not-favorite

One of my least favorite parts of life is when my family is not around. This weekend they were all gone for a short trip to the beach... without me :(

Don't feel too bad, because I did have three jobs while they were gone, and a handful of them came home early to watch the Celtics. BUT, still, I don't like it when they are gone. My house is so empty and quiet. And I really don't know what to so with myself. I think I thrive on activity and noise.

One afternoon I just played singing-super-star in my room :) 
You at least have to watch the 35-45 second mark... It's phenomenal.

I shouldn't be left alone :)
And I am very glad all these faces are back with me!
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Why would you ever want to wake up to silence (albeit peace) when you could wake up to this?!?!
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It's been a good day :)