New things are on the waaaaay!

So. as you can see the blog is looking a little different.... it's getting ready to match the new website that officially has a launch date! August 20!!! Which also happens to be someone's birthday... hmmmm.....

I have been working hard on branding, web design, products & presentation as well as booking some awesome clients! I think this next year is going to be awesome! I can't imagine a better year than this past one, but it looks promising!

Oh goodness, what is this? It's so hard to see.... ;D

In other news, I received an email from congratulating me for my high score after their editors review! I know it means nothing, cause I am sure they send it out to everyone, but I was pretty excited :D

To cap off this little post, here is my favorite picture from yesterday's wedding! The slideshow and rest of the pictures will be up tomorrow!