" The only thing I wanta do
I wanta love somebody,
Love somebody like you "

So, before we go any further, I have to brag about my backyard. I can't take too much credit for it, since my parents bought the land and God made it so pretty, but man, its an amazing place to take pictures!

Ok, Jen and Nathan :) This was a shoot was a gift that Nate gave to Jen when the first started going out... two years later they are actually doing it! Nate is leaving for California soon (internship, I think...) and they wanted some pictures together before he left.

Now, this was only a boyfriend-girlfriend shoot, BUT, don't be surprised if you see more of those two in future posts :D

I love how obvious it is that Nate loves to just be with Jen. He is so, so, so happy being with her!

I have no words...

This picture reminds me of the lyrics "Dancing in a burning room..." The sun was just amazing last night!

Oooo artsyyy

One of my faves!

I told them to do whatever pose they wanted. "Make it up! Be creative!" Well, Nate "hearts" Jen :)

So stinkin' cute

:D :D :D :D just smiles :D :D

And, to top off their awesomeness, they asked for Keith Urban for their slideshow! Yaaayyy! I have been dying to use country music! So, here you go guys!