Drew and Mel

"I've been known to take my time,
And I don't know if I'm your type...
But you are always on my mind"
-- kalai

Can I announce what the world of photographers has long-known? It is awesome to take pictures for another photographer - awesome, awesome, awesome. I felt a good, healthy pressure creativity-wise and it is just so enjoyable to work with people who want their pictures taken! And who like it! Drew is actually a graphic designer, with a serious photography hobby, but still. Art is art :)

I am trying to decide how to start this post. Hmm.
Alright. It all starts when we were trying to pick a place for the shoot. Nothing was really working quite right - and Drew wanted the perfect place. He told me that for dates, he and Mel love to just get in the car, drive to the country and just wander around, lost.
I was allllll for it! So, at 4:45 we met up and over an hour later, we found the perfect field.

It was a yellow-bean field. And the sun was, hello, stunning!

Since I was able to drive with them, I got to hear the "long-girly-version" of their story. And it's adorable - worth hearing the long, girly way. They both told the little parts that were special to them.

I think one of the sweetest things was when Drew was telling me about a time before they started dating.

They were good friends, but Mel was getting suspicious (and hopeful!) that he was starting to act different then "just friends." Drew told me "So, one night I just called her. I didn't have an excuse. I had no reason to call. Nothing to say. I was just sitting there and wanted to talk to her sooooo bad. I knew she would know I liked her, and I didn't care."
So he called, she didn't answer. "Um, hey Mel. What's up? Alright talk to you later!"
"Kristen, it was the lamest message ever." And they both sat in the car, laughing and holding hands, remembering the cute little moments :D

This is how he feels on the inside...?

He specifically asked for a blurred black and white - this was my favorite:

Oh, I do like them a whole lot.


Guh, LOVE!

The benefits of driving around the middle of nowhere!

And here is the show! I am completely thrilled to be shooting your wedding, guys! I had a complete blast with you yesterday!!!!