Josh, Kelley and Company

Every single Friday afternoon, for 4 straight years, I could be found in a little home in Saybrooke, learning about Literature and being taught by Kelley.

In 9th grade, Kelley taught our us an "Intro to Lit" class. She was completely single. Over the summer she started going out with Josh (and all of us little students were thrilled) and by the end of 10th grade she was engaged.

We spent one whole class "planning" her wedding, looking through magazines and hearing how he proposed just one more time. In the fall of 11th grade, she became Josh's wife.

And shockofallshock, over the next summer she found out she was pregnant with a baby girl.

12th grade proved to be a big learning experience as Kelley had an emergency c-section right before Christmas - a few months before her due date. Little Keara was small, but thankfully healthy! And 3 weeks ago, Josh and Kelley welcomed baby JJ to their sweet family.
It is so special to me to see Kelley, the lady and friend, who taught me about Mr. Knightley and Mr. Darcy and explained To Kill A Mockingbird and Cheaper By The Dozen, and watch her with her husband and children. She is such a lovely example of devoted, caring wife and mom! And I have had the privilege to watch her as she took a step into each new season :)
I love you guys!

Here are some more of my favorites, plus a slideshow!

I had a great time with you guys! And I hope you didn't cringe too much at all my grammar errors and sappy song choices, Kel :D